4 comments on “Help Has Arrived

  1. That’s great, Matt. I’ve never understood the logic behind not helping people that actually do make their payments.

  2. We haven’t been able to refinance because we already refinanced once under the HARP program. Now that rates have dropped significantly lower, we’ve been considering it again but since we did the previous refi – and our home’s value has dropped so much (we bought in 2006 as well), it’s making it tough to refinance. Hopefully the market will improve a bit making it easier for us to refi!

    • That is a bummer. We are very fortunate because our house is still over the 125% LTV ratio, but my lender has a bank that will approve a higher LTV. It is going to be nice not having to worry about the adjustable rate anymore. I hope you guys can refinance soon. Good luck.

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